September 2007 Update -  New Way Corps Site              

In 2006 I began to realize that no one (9ncluding The Way) was preserving memorabilia from past Way Corps groups going as far back as 1970 with the 1st Corps. This included pictures, music, and even video that belongs to various Way Corps alumni members. This site provides a venue for storing such info about the history of The Way Corps while reconnecting with other Way Corps Alumni. I felt it was a shame to let our Way Corps experience and all its ramifications slip into oblivion as if it never happened. For many of us it was a life changing experience that included lots of fun and close bonds. To be sure, it also included some pain and sorrow. As someone stated, "it was the best of times and it was the worst of times". But it was not in vain. I believe a great number of people, expecially young people, were helped by our years of service in communities throughout the world.

I am aware that we are not to live in the past. In my opinion the Way Corps experience cannot be duplicated as it existed in past years. Times have changed. But as with a family photo album or scrapbook, its fun to look back and remember the good times and good people, which in my opinion, far outnumbered the bad.  

This is my attempt at such a site. It is easy to use. Similar to other social networking sites, you are in control of the format, content and privacy of your own page. It is self-sustaining if you will. However I will oversee the best I can along with the help of a few friends. This is a private site, which means that your information will not be accessible to anyone other than members. Your email address will not be visible and will never be shared. Your privacy will be respected.

This site is not a "gripe site" or one with any kind of political or religious agendas. Trust me, we don't want to go there! That being said, freedom of expression is encouraged. After all, we are a diverse group and can certainly show respect for each otherís various interests and activities. The most public or main areas of the site are not for personal content. Instead of an "open forum, anything goes" style, I would rather you can use your own personal page or personal blog posts. It will be shown in the recent activity list on the main page so people can be aware that you started a topic of discussion and can reply if they want. 

Please add as much information as you can about yourself and what you have been doing all these years. Feel free to post some pictures of you and your family as well as any older or newer pictures you may have. Check out the some 2,000 4,000 6,000 7,000 pictures and 100 videos already on the site. You can also use the Groups feature to start a sub-group for your particular interests. For example, Musicians & Way Productions or your particular Corps number or those who were on Staff, etc.

For now this site is limited to those who graduated from The Way Corps (and their spouses) or those who spent at least a year in residence in the program. This includes children of Way Corps alumni as well. Exceptions have been made, however. Contact me to discuss.

My apologies to others may want to join. The SOLE reason it is limited to the WAY Corps is because I work full time and long hours. I do not currently have the time to properly manage a large site. There are well over 100,000 people who have taken the foundational classes in the entire Way ministry or other ministries or groups, with up to 40,000 active participants at the peak. The Way Corps had only some 5,000 or so participants. Therefore this site is limited. Maybe some day I will expand it, but meanwhile I have my hands full with 500 1,000 1400 1,500 1,600 members.

Contact me by email or phone with any questions, suggestions, comments or ideas. Most of all.......have fun!

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